Import and Export Tax Refund

Tax refund and tax-free service means that TKL Logistics on behalf of the goods owner performs necessary and sufficient operations so that customers do not have to pay import and export tax according to the law or receive money back from tax authorities.

Customers need to prepare a set of documents including:

  • – Letter requesting tax refund
  • Import/Export declaration (completed)
  • Tax payment slip that customers have paid into the state budget
  • Sample letter of non-tax collection (in case of returned goods)
  • Return letter (email, original written agreement)
  • Original export declaration (for returned exports)
  • Import declaration has completed inspection procedures (for returned goods)
  • Minutes of actual inspection of goods

With many years of experience, TKL will do the procedures on behalf of customers on the tax exemption or refund system or no tax collection, after having a full set of documents.

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