Customs Clearance of Import and Export Goods

As a bridge between customers and customs authorities, TKL always maintains good relationships with relevant agencies to support customers’ import and export activities smoothly and in compliance with the law.

The field team is well-trained and certified in customs declaration, has full experience and expertise to meet all different types of import and export:

Customs service department TKL Logistics provides customs services:

Import customs service:

  • Customs clearance service for import of business goods
  • Customs service for import of processed goods
  • Customs clearance service for import of non-commercial goods
  • Import and export customs services
  • Customs clearance service for import and export processing zones
  • Customs service for temporary import for re-export

Export customs clearance service:

  • Customs service for export businessNon-commercial export customs clearance service
  • Customs service for exporting processed goods
  • Production export customs clearance service
  • Customs service for export of export processing zones
  • Services through temporary export for re-export

Other services in customs services:

  • Service of applying for a license at the ministerial level, announcing cosmetic and food products
  • Warehouse rental service, CFS
  • C/O service, quarantine, quality inspection, Food hygiene and safety, inspection, analysis and classification, …
  • Tax refund service
  • Service to announce food hygiene and safety, cosmetics, functional foods
  • Logistics services: Packing, unloading goods at the warehouse or at the port
  • Door-to-door pick-up service
  • Customs services for all types of project goods, exhibition goods, transit goods
  • Delivery and transportation of project packages, retail goods (LCL), full containers (FCL) to the construction site
  • Multimodal transportation service

The customer care team always updates new circulars, decrees and documents in tax, import and export law policies, etc. to support the customs clearance and import and export activities of customers.

With the criterion of bringing the highest benefits to customers, TKL is your reliable logistics partner!

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